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I posted here on Friday 14 November came, but only about two twirds through our history, like me, who had read and written a lot of people thought it was a bit boring, but decided after reading cheesecaketube the comments, the other where I left saying. Julie (my wife) and my friend Andy was my consent for your daily work, of course, slept two in London, but Andy, a bit like a child was not really interested in protecting knew I had, but yet let it happen and not even caring Julie said, her first night out, she was sleeping with him in his cheesecaketube house, and Andy had even sent me a picture on his cell phone was taken from Julie naked on her bed, that night I had two jerks look at cheesecaketube the picture and imadgining admit what he had to get up. The next day, Julie phoned me about half of the 4 to say Andy was a little late, and wanted him in the bar the day before going to take when I made that call Andy called and asked his plans for the night, ' the companion of the same,'said Andy said look you know you have to put in a good business in the past, how confident they are, ' he said, ' I believe in the OC, I had a couple of one night - the audience, if Gemma (his ex), and I know she has, but I think im ok ' we let it go and let him alone again, as he had done the night before, I was tempted to ring a few times, but identification of thought just let it go back and Julie called me the next day to tell, of course, was finishing at 4 and again at Doncaster for about 20:00, we have not even discussed what is in your second night in Andy, bed s happening. s that came to his house about half the bag and threw 8 gave me a kiss, something we've become less and less after 10 years of marriage, she asked if everything ok had been at home, then he said ' warm feeling that we should go to bed,' he said, 'Later, I think we should talk about the last two nights,' he replied, 'Yes, I'll tell you everything in the bed, ' I said' no, not the details that would cheesecaketube be like yours, why do 'beforecould say that one more rose, left the room and shouted : 'It was your idea, I met him he should not have ordered if I wanted to answer as well,' she went on in our bedroom and closed the door, I was in the ages at the door, tried to convince her to let me go, I finally did when I could say I, I would not have done it without them, crying : 'Why have you gone so on, if you know you have their consent ' cheesecaketube and I told him I did not bother me, I slept with him, but I was worried and upset, they had not used a condom, she agreed and said: 'I expected, but by the time he had been drinking and had returned to their was so I went with him, ' I said ' sorry, I said, both to cheesecaketube ensure that condoms are used shot, 'said ' Look, if the question I get a checkup as soon as possible, 'I agreed , then we had a kiss on the bed and started rubbing my hand up her sexy legs naked as I felt more and more in my hand was converted into a higI found it and had no panties under her skirt, 'When you take them off. ' I have not had any come to this day I've been drowning in home and let my husband fuck me, they said they could not stop me and began to rub her clit juicy wet, maybe I was there but her pussy imadgining felt swollen and red, that pushed me on the bed, pulled down my pants and underwear and began to suck my dick, I can never cum Julie in the mouth, but said : 'I was cheesecaketube on this occasion I want to fuck ' I tried, but after 10 years I have not only could, I told Julie to rest, I eat pussy, and have me up the skirt to the floor and left the bottom of your nose, tasted fantastic as beautiful as the first time I did when we met, I have my fingers into the bag as I licked her clit, I could feel it tense until the face contracted cheesecaketube in a trance as cheesecaketube a flush came over her face and she was very stuck my head between her legs and gotabout half a mouthful of his cum, I like the game was so hot that I had never felt swallowed, Julie was panting and rubbing his head, 'Julie in fuck no more annoying', smiled and said : ' I knew that, ' cheesecaketube I got up and pulled his shirt and told him to take her blouse and bra, she started sucking puffy nipples then slid my cock into her wet pussy watching my cock go in and out cheesecaketube of her pussy juice shine the light on my tail, I think only lasted about 2 minutes before I wanted my load up her pussy, I take longer, but it was not easy, we were there for a while talking about things can be any anything really, apart from his trip to London, later, fucked, fucked up and now was a week ago and we have every night since then. Julie said Sunday night we lay in bed to get checked out, but have decided to let go, even in the most bothered by a comment on the response previous message, even if I took everything I can think of anyone who does not catch when my wife sexy hot. have Andy coming Christmas, we have discussed, but I'm going to ask to see and think in a night and what can happen one of three the way of applying the icing on the cake, love Julie Identification cheesecaketube always would delight to see a different story I love cheesecaketube so much.
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